Additional works

In addition to new aperture manufacture, AS Komplekt offers their proper installation into empty apertures, using required anchors and foam sealants. Before replacing, all doors or windows have to be disassembled and disposed of.

New doors and windows may come in sets with new sills and sill flashings, including installation. The window sills range covers products made from chipboard or laminated plastic either white or different wood imitations. Exterior sills are normally zinc-coated or made from steel, and painted in suitable tone.

Interior finishing performed by AS Komplekt after replacement of windows cover repair works for jambs, including installation of plaster boards, puttying, smoothing and painting, and as exterior finishing – installation of proper angles and edging materials.

Various additional options are also available, like mosquito nets for doors, window ventilation valves and handles, we may help improve safety installing child locks and other locking devices.

AS Komplekt also maintains and repairs doors and windows and replaces damaged glass panes.

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