Door and window apertures from PVC profiles

AS Komplekt boasts 20-year-long experience of PVC apertures manufacture and installation. In all our products we use high quality profile systems made by the European leader of this industry Schüco International KG, featuring three-chamber systems Corona AS 60 Classic and five-chamber systems Corona CT 70 Cava, which comply with every contemporary environmental, safety and other requirements. Our range of products includes, but not limited to different glass panes, balcony and terrace doors, doorways, swing doors, interior glass walls, inner doors. Schüco products offer excellent opportunities for heat insulation and sound proofing and also due to recyclable materials these products are sustainable and durable, requiring no continuous maintenance.

In addition to traditional white, the colour scale of Schüco PVC profiles contains a broad range of tones and various wood imitations. We offer an opportunity to order interior and exterior windows and doors in various colours or wood imitations.

PVC profiles Schüco can be ordered optionally with special sill flashing. Due to Schüco TopAlu our profiles provide the improved heat insulation in combination with nice appearance.

As latches for opening parts AS Komplekt uses lock systems manufactured by German enterprises Gretsch-Unitas and Schüco. Tilt and turn windows also feature the in-built micro-ventilation.

Glass panes and glasses

PVC window and glass apertures produced by AS Komplekt have glass panes made from two or three glasses. Glasses are fixed with a help of durable aluminium profiles or profiles made from thermal break plastic in order to enhance their heat insulation and reduce condensate. Heat loss reduction can be obtained if argon is injected between layers of glass instead air. In production of glass panes we use quality glass made by British manufacturers Pilkington and Guardian that provide a wide range of solutions.

Choice of glass for AS Komplekt’s window and door apertures:

Translucent glass

Translucent glass has no extra qualities, i.е. this is conventional transparent glass, which can be 3 – 12 mm thick.

Low-E glass

The selective layer applied on glass surface will let the sunlight inside and reflect solar radiation back into the room, resulting in better heat conservation. Similar to translucent glass low-E glass is transparent too.

Тinted glass

Addition of certain substances can alter colour of glass, reduce its transparency and penetration of visible light, thus providing a protection against solar radiation. Colour range of tinted glasses includes bronze, grey, green and blue.

Sun protection glass

This glass is covered with sun protection layer which protects from solar radiation, but at the same time lets in the most of the visible light (more than lets in tinted glass). At the same time, sun protection glass features qualities of low-E glass, creating screen for back reflection of penetrated thermal emission. In addition to neutral tone, we offer glasses in silver and bluish tones.

Safety glass

Glasses toughened by means of tempering or adding safety film between two panes are more resistant to various affecting factors and, what’s more, they are safer in case of damage. Tempered glass is received as a result of controlled thermal treatments when outer surface is put into compression and inner part is in tension. Toughened glass is up to 4 times stronger than ordinary glass. When broken, such glass crumbles into small granular chunks instead of splintering into jagged shards. Another type of safety glass is laminated glass made from two layers of glass. In the event of breaking, it is hold in place by an interlayer of plastic film or several films. It is more durable and safe since it produces a characteristic „spider web“ cracking pattern as the interlayer keeps it bonded even when broken. Adhesive film does not affect glass transparency, though results in better noise insulation.

Sound absorbing glass

In order to reduce noise pollution, one glass layer in glass pane, depending on requirements, can be replaced for a thicker glass, glass either laminated with plastic film or with special sound absorbing film. In addition, glass with sound absorbing film or double layer laminated glass feature properties of safe glass too.

Self-cleaning glass

Self-cleaning glass is a specific type of glass with coating that can chemically break down absorbed dirt in sunlight and next sheet rain water that carries dirt away.

Decorative glass

Decorative glasses are treated depending on required pattern or transparency. Range of decorative glasses include, but is not limited, to icy glass, satin glass and textured glass with various patterns. Decorative glass adds visual interest to design and varying levels of its opacity create new opportunities for privacy.

We offer unlimited glass pane combinations. One sandwich pane can be made using glasses with different properties and of different thickness – accordingly to your wishes or requirements of aperture. Even one-layer glass may be enough for inner window and door apertures – the above-mentioned range is abundant.

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