About us

OÜ Komplekt was established in 1992 and is located in Estonian capital Tallinn. In 1994 the company started to produce windows and doors from PVC-profiles. In 2000 aluminium windows and doors were added to product-line. OÜ Komplekt has working experience in production and installation of PVC profiles amounts to 20 years and aluminium profiles – 14 years. Additionally to ooperating in long-term in domestic construction market OÜ Komplekt produces windows and doors for  import to customers in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Production windows and doors by OÜ Komplekt is tailored for PVC and aluminium profile systems manufactured by the European leader in this industry – a German company Schüco International KG. Insulated glass units, which are used in windows and doors, are made from British native global glass manufactures Pilkington and Guardian. Windows and doors produced by OÜ Kompekt have Schüco original or G-U Gretsch-Unitas GmbH fittings.

In addition to manufacture of door and window apertures, OÜ Komplekt firm disassembles old apertures, provides installation of the new ones and their maintenance. New panes can be supplied with window sills and drip strips, including their installation. Our additional product range features many accessories for windows and doors.

Company’s windows and doors production factory is locates in Lagedi, Rae parish, near to capital Tallinn. Sample products of OÜ Komplekt are shown in the company’s office in Tallinn (address Liimi 1), where customers can also make an order, sign contracts and get professional advice for choosing suitable windows and doors.